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12:30-2:15 Poster Session with Lunch and Drinks Provided Bldg 520 Atrium
2:15-2:30 Desserts, Coffee and Tea Bldg 530 Lobby
2:30-2:35 Opening Remarks for Oral Presentations Bldg 530 Room 127
2:35-2:45 Michael Fanton: Human neck musculature cannot significantly reduce brain strains during concussive sagittal head impacts Bldg 530 Room 127
2:45-2:55 Zachary Riggins del Rosario: Dimensional Analysis and Active Subspaces Bldg 530 Room 127
2:55-3:05 Diego Ignacio Oyarzun: Electrostatic regeneration of porous carbon adsorbent for nitrate removal from water Bldg 530 Room 127
3:05-3:15 Fengjiao Lyu: Phenotyping antibiotic resistance with single-cell resolution for the detection of heteroresistance Bldg 530 Room 127
3:15-3:25 Lucas Richard Blauch: A microfluidic guillotine for single cell wounding and regeneration studies Bldg 530 Room 127
3:25-3:35 Ronald Chan: Computational Modeling of Breaking Waves and Bubbles Bldg 530 Room 127
3:35-3:45 Dustin Daniel Gerrard: Topology Optimization of MEMS Resonators Bldg 530 Room 127
3:45-3:50 Voting and Winners Announced Bldg 530 Room 127
4:00 ME Fun Committee social event D. School Atrium